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7 Reasons to Update Your Will Right Now!

In general, it’s always a good idea to make sure your Will is either written or updated if you’ve got Wills in place already. So, here are 7 reasons to update your Will right now! There’s been a change in your family circumstances. Years pass and our children become adults before we know it. Have […]

Family together


When I speak to clients about their Wills, I encounter recurring topics that I have to ask them to make decisions about. It’s natural that the same, or similar, issues come up. So, to save you some time when you come to do your own Will, here’s a list of my top three must-haves. 1.YOUR […]

HAVE WILL – will travel!

Every year, as summer approaches, I wonder if the Will writing business will slacken over the holiday period. ‘After all’, I reason to myself, ‘people are on downtime, they’re relaxing with their families and busy keeping the kids entertained.’ Yet, without fail, the opposite is true.

I find that holiday preparations are a common trigger for people to call me in a panic, wondering if it’s possible to get a Will drafted before they jet off.  So, far from being quiet, business tends to get a tad hectic!