Older People's Day


I recently had the opportunity to take part in Bluebird Care's celebrations of UK Older People's Day which was on 1st October 2016.  The event took place at the Ellendune Centre in Wroughton and Robert Buckland MP started off the proceedings with a speech recognising the local carers, charities, council and individuals that all help in their own way to provide care, advice, company and practical help to older people in Wiltshire.

I was actually quite surprised at the number of local and national charities that provide care to the elderly in various ways.  Many help with the transition from a hospital stay to returning home as well as social visits on an ongoing basis.  It's amazing the difference that a weekly cuppa and chat can make to an older person's life, particularly if they do not have friends or family close to them.

From my years of experience, I often find that my own visits to elderly clients can turn into a voyage into their past.  I find it fascinating and a privilege to spend time with clients who have lead interesting and varied lives and are happy to share their life experiences with me.  It's one of the favourite parts of my work.  I digress, but I had a wonderful time, getting to know some of the local charities and companies that attended and learn more about Bluebird Care.

The purpose of UK Older People's Day is to celebrate what the older generations have done to influence society.  And we certainly celebrated with live music, coffee and plenty of cake!


For more information visit: http://olderpeoplesday.co.uk

For more information about Bluebird Care visit: www.bluebirdcare.co.uk

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