I know, I know, it’s not even Christmas yet. So why on earth am I bringing up New Year Resolutions?

I can’t help it I’m afraid. It’s time to publish my trusted and, some might say, valuable blog. Which is why I had no choice but to get ahead of the game and get you ahead of the game too.

So for a moment forget about what you can buy Aunt Mabel. Can she cope with more posh toiletries and yet another scented candle? If the answer is yes, you can thank me later!

So, as I was saying, pause, breathe, and tell everyone you need to spend the next few minutes reading a very important blog. Or feel free to have a five-minute power nap instead – an activity I highly recommend!

Are you still with me? Yes? Good. I’ll get back to my initial intention of raising the topic of New Year Resolutions.

Whether you call them that or not. Or whether you make them or not why not make 2018 the year you finally get around to that pesky job of writing your Will? With my help, of course!

It’s simply a thought. And I’m only ever so slightly biased because I do want people to write their Wills and not only for my benefit.

Make this coming year the one when you make sure your loved ones are looked after and ensure they know what your wishes are should something happen to you.

There’s nothing to fear

Almost without exception, when people finally take the plunge and see me, I see a look of fear and trepidation on their faces.

Will she understand what I’m saying?  Will she confuse me with legal jargon?  How can I make all the decisions I need to make?  Will I die now that I’m doing this? This is a  common superstition when people think of writing their Will as they feel it’s tempting fate! The answer is NO to all these things.  Okay, I cannot guarantee the last one but it won’t have anything to do with deciding to write your Will. That’s a promise.

Yet there’s nothing to fear.

It’s easy peasy, honest! And the bits that are less easy peasy, I explain in an easy peasy way.  My job isn’t to bamboozle you with legal jargon.  My job is to explain and advise you on how best to write your Will and help you with those difficult decisions.

Right, I’m done now with the New Year Resolutions!

The next thing I want to let you all know is that I’ve chosen my charity of the year for 2018. And I’m excited to say that it’s local and close to my heart for various reasons.

Brighter Futures

I’m pleased to confirm that I’ll continue to work with Brighter Futures in 2018 and support all the ways they help all kinds of people in different situations. As they do so many things I thought I’d give you some examples.

Radiotherapy Appeal

Cancer patients from Swindon, and nearby communities, are without access to radiotherapy services within the recommended forty-five-minute travel time. Now, a new radiotherapy satellite centre is being built at Great Western Hospital (GWH). Brighter Futures is helping to raise £2.9 million which will contribute to purchasing important clinical equipment within the building.

Arts Wellbeing Programme

A smaller and less known programme that Brighter Futures help raise funds for is the Arts Council, Arts and Wellbeing programme. The art on display at the GWH is on loan to the hospital. It helps to enrich the space for the patients, staff and visitors, softening and humanising the hospital environment.  The loan of the pictures costs approximately £5,000 for a three-year period.

Refurbishment of the Children’s Ward Parent Waiting Area

The waiting area is due for a refurb with the addition of more comfortable furnishings. The costs will be about £3,000.

T34 Syringe Drivers for End-of-Life Patients

Hospice care

Again, something most of us don’t know about. These syringe pumps are a way of delivering medication that’s not possible to take by mouth.  They can be big and bulky but the T34 syringe drivers are small and portable.

Brighter Futures funding has already provided lots of these drivers to GWH. But they now want to provide them to end-of-life patients. Such provision will make a significant improvement to their experience during transfer to their preferred place of death.

Overall, it reduces anxiety for both the patients and their loved ones who are helping them. T34 syringe drivers cost £1,100 each so Brighter Futures would like funds for them.

I trust that the above information gives you a good idea of how Brighter Futures supports and helps the GWH to provide care for its patients.

I’ve decided to try and do my bit as well for the staff and patients at the GWH.

To that end, I’m offering a discount of 15% off all my Swindon Will Writing services to all staff at the hospital and the patients in its care.

It’s my hope that, in this small way, I can help to relieve the stress and anxiety of patients and support the staff who all do an amazing job.

To find out more or book an appointment please contact me via email at, or call me on 07538 946 839. You can also contact me via Twitter and Facebook.

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