Make your Will in 2020 - fireworks

What is a resolution?

The dictionary defines the word ‘resolution’ as: a firm decision to do or not to do something. Now, since Covid 19 onwards, my Will writing business has kept me well-occupied. Even so, this country still has something in the region of 30 million adults with no Will in place. Now I’m neither suggesting nor supposing […]

picture of a Will

Make 2022 the Year You Make Your Will!

Make 2022 the Year You Make Your Will! Have you made your Will yet? If not – why not? If the Covid19 pandemic has taught us anything at all, it’s that our very existence is a fragile one. So, this blog is an end-of-year exhortation to you to make 2022 the year you make your […]

Make your Will in 2020 - fireworks


If, for longer than you care to remember now, you’ve carried around the unaccomplished goal of getting your Will done or updated – make 2020 the year your resolve to make your Will. Break as many other resolutions as you want. But in this blog I must talk to you about THE one resolution you mustn’t break. So be sure you make your Will in 2020!