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The New Year’s resolution – a common tradition in the Western Hemisphere. It’s something in which a person resolves to:

1. Change an undesired behaviour trait
2. Accomplish a personal goal or improve/change their life.

If, for longer than you care to remember now, you’ve carried around the unaccomplished goal of getting your Will done or updated – make 2020 the year your resolve to make your Will. Break as many other resolutions as you want. But in this blog I must talk to you about THE one resolution you mustn’t break. So be sure you make your Will in 2020!

Resolve to be full of full of resolve – it’s not at all scary

I know we’ve just had Christmas, and, if you’re lucky, you’re still basking in the warmth of the Christmas glow. BUT: I can’t promise you tomorrow. But what I can promise you is that I can ease the Will writing process for you.

So, now is the time. Not only are we in a new year, we’re in a new decade. So, make 2020 the year you get everything in place to:

1. Take care of your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate event befalling you.
2. Make sure that everyone that needs to know is clear on what your wishes are in such a scenario.

Don’t be afraid!

When visiting a client that I know to have plucked up the courage to tackle their Will, what I so often see written on their faces, is fear and trepidation. Unspoken questions hang in the air. ‘Will she understand what I’m saying?’ Will she baffle me with legal jargon?’ ‘How can I make all the decisions I need to make?’ Even, and this one is often voiced, ‘will I die now that I’m getting my Will drawn up?’

Such a superstition is common. I come across it often. And it’s understandable enough to feel you are tempting fate.

The answer to all these questions is a resounding NO. Well, I can’t guarantee anything on the latter one – except the knowledge that it would be pure coincidence if you did. So please don’t let superstition impede you.

Easy Peasy!

The Will writing process is, I promise you, super simple. 99 per cent easy peasy in fact. And, with the bits that are less easy peasy, I’ll be sure to explain them to you in an easy peasy way.

It’s neither my job nor my intention to bamboozle you with legal jargons. It IS though my job to explain the process to you and to advise you on how best to write your Will and help you through any tricky decisions.

If you’re now resolved to get this done, give me a call on 07538 946 839 or drop me an email at

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